Chad Ochocinco, the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver, says that soccer is his first love, and while that may be true his real passion lies in drawing attention to himself.  Yes, Ochocinco is trying out with the MLS team out of Kansas City as he was invited to a four-day tryout.

When Michael Jordan retired from the Chicago Bulls and started his career in baseball, he was mocked by journalists and fans, but I get this impression that there is true interest in following Ochocinco and a belief that he has a legitimate shot at becoming a professional soccer play.

This is nothing more than Chad being Chad. After his first practice on Wednesday, he said, “I want to live out a dream, whether I make it or not,” Ochocinco said. “This is about me being able to say in 20-30 years that I played for the Kansas City Wizards…I can tell everybody that.”

Um, OK, first off there are no longer called the Wizards. It’s Sporting Kansas City. Second, from the report I read in the Kansas City Star, he looked anything but comfortable. He admitted that he wasn’t in soccer shape and when it came down to 11 on 11 drills, Ochocinco touched the ball four times and has it knocked away from him three of those times.

This is nothing more than an chance for him to get his name out there. He’s an attention seeker, a “Look at me Mom!” kind of guy. And shame on Sporting Kansas City for the attention they are seeking. They had 40 reporters on hand and numerous other news outlets, including the Missourinet commenting on what will turn out to be nothing more than a stunt.

The reality of this is…even if and it’s a big if, he had the skills to play soccer, when the NFL comes to their senses and gets ready for the regular season in September, he’s going to bolt the MLS and go back to the Bengals where he is under contract. In my opinion, a waste of time and a slap in the face to soccer fans in Kansas City.