A plan to reward early high school graduates with state-backed scholarships has run aground in the state senate. Senator Scott Rupp of Wentzville thinks students who complete the necessary credits for graduation a year early should be allowed to start college, if they want, without having to sit through another high school year. He would take money that would go to their school district , were they to still be attending class, and use it as a college scholarship for them.

But Cape Girardeau Senator Jason Crowell says Rupp’s plan would require a change in the formula the state uses for aid to local schools. Crowell notes Rupp is a member of a senate appropriations committee that has left the school funding formula short of money. He charges Rupp wants to create a new program when the state is unable to put money into existing programs.

Crowell has forced Rupp to shelve his bill. When lawmakers return from spring break, time will be short for pushing the bill through the senate agianst Crowell’s opposition….and athen getting it through the House.

Listen to the debate 34:30 mp3