Bond Officials from Ameren-Missouri assure Missouri lawmakers a second nuclear power plant would be built with the same eye for safety as Callaway-One….and Callaway One was designed for the worst earthquake in Missouri history—and more. 

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has repudiated last week’s MSNBC report that the Callaway plant is the safest of the 104 nuclear power plants int hsi country.  The NRC says it does not do comparative ratings of nuclear plants. But Ameren’s manager of Nuclear Development, Scott Bond says the worst earthquake ever recorded along the New Madrid fault was only the start of Callaway’s planning.

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He says it’s also designed to withstand more than 300-mile an hour tornadic winds and the crash of a big airplane into it.  Bond says more than thirty sites were considered before Callaway One was sited.  He says the company expects to take the same care in looking for Callaway Two.

Ameren is waiting for legislative action that could trigger that search.