The Missouri Labor Department’s Division of Workers’ Compensation mailed the first checks to families of loved ones killed in the line of duty after approving two claims filed in 2010, according to a release from the department.

These Missouri families each received $25,000 from the Line of Duty Compensation fund, for a total of $50,000, the release states.

“This is significant as it is the first time for our state to compensate families for their loss through this fund,” Director Larry Rebman says. “By no means could this money replace those individuals who put their lives on the line to protect the well-being of our neighborhoods and communities, however, we hope this small token can assist with the financial hardships families experience when losing a loved one.”

This money comes from the Line of Duty Compensation Fund, which was implemented by the Missouri Legislature in 2009. Since then, five claims have been filed; two have been paid.

Benefits are available for survivors of firefighters, volunteer firefighters, law enforcement officers, air ambulance pilots, air ambulance registered professional nurses, and emergency medical technicians who are killed in the line of duty when:

· The individual was on duty at the time of an injury that resulted in death;

· The individual was engaged in the active performance of the duties of his or her profession; and

· The injury resulting in death occurred as a result of the individual’s performance of his or her duties.

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