The state senate is daring both major political parties to penalize Missouri’s delegation at the national conventions next year.

Both parties want Missouri to move its presidential primary from February to March.  The parties say too many states are competing for early primaries, creating a trend toward an unofficial same-day national  primary.  

But Maryville Senator Brad Lager says Missouri should thumb its political nose at the parties by moving its primary up, not back….and holding it within seven days of the New Hampshire primary.”

Both party national committees have threatened to refuse to seat convention delegates  from states that don’t move their primaries back.  Lager bets neither party will want the bad publicity that would cause.  And Columbia Senator Kurt Schaefer thinks the parties would not dare do it.

The senate has advanced the advance primary bill and will soon send it to the House.  The sponsor hopes the house ditches the early primary amendment and goes back to the March date.

 Listen to the debate highlights 35:04 mp3