The state senate makes no decision on the divisive issue of Right to Work.  It won’t be back for more debate until next month.

Democrats are solidly against it.  Majority Republicans are split even to the point that the floor leader opposes it and the President Pro tem is one of its biggest advocates.

Senator LuAnn Ridgeway of Smithville, the floor handler, cites a South Carolina consultant who says Missouri loses out on a lot of jobs because it does not allow workers to opt out of union membership.

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But opponent Victor Callahan of Independence turns to Sweeney’s own partner to counter Ridgeway’s argument.

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Senators also have read another study different.  Pro-right to work senators point to a study showing Oklahoma the number one growth economy of all states since enacting right to work in 2001.    Opponents note the same report shows more than 160 employers have announced mass layoffs and 100 facilities have closed their doors because of cheap foreign competition. 

No more debate is scheduled until after spring break, which would put more debate into April.  The session ends in mid-May.

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