House leaders returned to debate on a late-term abortion ban, but only for a little while.

The House debated HCS/HB 213 Wednesday for more than an hour, suspending debate until Monday. Only a few minutes into debate Monday afternoon, Speaker Pro Tem Shane Schoeller (R-Willard) recognized Assistant Majority Floor Leader Jeanie Riddle (R-Mokane) who called for the Previous Question, a motion to vote to cut off debate. Majority Republicans voted in favor of Riddle’s motion, ending both the debate and the amendment process.

Riddle had little explanation afterward when asked by the Missourinet about the move.

“I didn’t see a lot of people standing,” Riddle told us. “So, ready to move on.”

The reason for the action eludes House Minority Leader Mike Talboy of Kansas City.

“I have no idea,” Talboy replied when asked why Republicans moved to cut off debate. “Obviously, they wanted to make sure that nobody had time to debate the merits of the bill.”

The move shocked Talboy, the top Democrat in the House.

“Extremely surprised, considering myself and a couple other of my members on both sides of the issue were standing at microphones,” Talboy said. “I had pro-choice and pro-life members at the microphone at that time.”

House members stand at the microphones on the floor to seek recognition. Riddle claimed she didn’t see any members requesting recognition.

The measure will have to return to the House for more debate. The amendment process is over, but it still needs a final vote to move to the Senate.

AUDIO: Brent Martin reports [:60 MP3]