The Missouri Tigers wait for the announcement into the NCAA Tournament

The Missouri Tigers are headed to Washington D.C. to face Cincinnati in the NCAA Tournament. The Tigers will play on Thursday against Bearcats.  Posted here are comments from Mike Anderson and the players, including junior Kim English who grew up in nearby Baltimore.

If Missouri does win, they would most likely face UCONN, another Big East school, which sent 11 from that conference. The Big 12, sent just five with Colorado being left behind.

Mike Anderson’s comments on being the 11th seed

Missouri was one of the last six teams selected. “First six, last six, doesn’t matter,” said Mike Anderson.  The rumor that has been making the rounds was that Arkansas would now come after Anderson after they fired his coach.  Anderson brushed off the rumors saying he was a Tiger and the rumors are just a result of what they’ve been building at Missouri.

English said the closest he’s ever played to home was maybe Baltimore and Michael Dixon said Kimmie has been hitting them up for their tickets so he can accomodate the large number of requests from friends and family.

Kim English on the NCAA tournament

In other NCAA tournament news, the Missouri State Bears who lost to Indiana State in the Missouri Valley Conferenc Tournament finals were one of the teams that had their bubble bursted.  It is the first time since 1993 that the regular season champion of the Missouri Valley did not get into the tournament.

Mike Anderson commented on Kim English’s comments late Thursday saying that English’s “we quit,” comment was taken out of context.  Here’s the  audio…not sure how that was taken out of context.

Uncut English audio