The state senate has moved to cancel several court rulings that it thinks have pushed civil rights of workers too far.

Supporting senators say Missouri’s courts have taken employee rights beyond those established in the 47-year old federal civil rights act and the amendments made in it 20 years ago.

Opponents say Senator Brad Lager’s bill curtails the rights of whistleblowers to report potential law-breaking, makes it impossible for former employees to file discrimination lawsuits against the people in a company that discriminated against them, and financially undermines state and local Human Rights efforts.

Lager says the changes will help Missouri’s economic development.

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But Senator Jolie Justus says none of the bill’s supporters have shown present laws are bad for business.

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Lager says he wants Missouri’s employment discrimination laws to mirror the federal laws. Justus says his bill goes beyond those laws while undermining the rights of employees.

The senate could send the bill to the House next week.