Missouri’s U.S. Senators spoke to the Chamber of Commerce about job growth, spending and government regulation. Senator McCaskill is a Democrat and Senator Blunt a Republican, but both have similar messages.

Senator McCaskill tells state business leaders cutting spending means cutting government services, and she said there’s a fine line between too little and too much. And she says President Obama realizes that, too — that too much can strangle businesses, but some is needed.

She says government oversight that keep businesses, products, highways and more safe are part of what makes the U.S. attractive to businesses, but says overreach can hurt businesses.

To really fix the nation’s economy and grow jobs, she says the government needs to reform the tax code, cut spending and look at reducing mandatory entitlements.

Senator Blunt says America needs to remain a country where the people are bigger than the government. He says government spending is rampant because the governement has taken on responsibility that was previously left to individuals and families.

He agrees there does need to be a safety net.

He says the next election will clearly define what side of that question the American people are on — bigger people or bigger government?