The state senate moves to put some teeth in Missouri’s 46 year old junkyard regulation law.

Operators of junkyards must, by state law, build a ten-foot high fence that hides the junk if their yard is within 200 feet of any state or county road.

Some operators don’t do it and some legislators say the present penalties are not enough to force adherence to the law.

A provision has been added to another bill saying a junkyard operator who violates the fence law can be fined as much as $300 and sentenced to 30 days in jail the first time.  If the operator still doesn’t build the fence or move the junk, the penalty goes up to a maximum $1,000 fine and as much as six months in jail.  The owner also can be ordered to build the fence or remove the junk.

The Senate supports the idea and could soon send the proposal to the House.

AUDIO: Senators Schaaf, Green, & Lager talk junk (6 min)