I’m not sure who has the tougher draw in this matchup, but Adam Wainwright pitched live batting practice yesterday and he went up against guys like Pujols and Holliday.

The Cardinals actually throw the aces up against the top hitters early because the coaches are afraid some of the younger pitchers, who tend to be wild early in camp, could plunk one of the top hitters, so that’s why this early season BP session had the best against the best. Wainwright said he worked on his heater.

Adam Wainwright on what he worked on in live BP

“That’s the plan,” manager Tony La Russa said. “Some of the other guys, [it’s] human nature, they get a little excited when they face the big boys. That’s one of the dues that the young guys pay. Usually there’s an accidental plunking somewhere. But you usually go for command.”

La Russa named Wainwright the starter for next week’s opener against Florida, but would not name a starter for Opening Day on March 31st against San Diego, saying it was too early to give that nod.