The top officers in the state senate are unlikely to block a vote on changes to the dog-breeding law passed by voters last November.

The senate’s traffic cop is Senator Tom Dempsey of St. Charles, who as Majority Floor Leader, decides what bills will come up for debate.  He’s keeping an eye on Senator Michael Parson’s bill to revise, but not to repeal, the dog law. 

Some suggestions have been made that legislators should be barred to changing any voter-approved law for at least two years.  Dempsey doesn’t like that idea. He says members of the legislature have the ability to file any bill they care about as they represent their constituents. But he says they have to be careful when dealing with something voters have approved. Dempsey would not want to bar lawmakers from improving a law, whether voter-approved or legislature approved.

Senate President pro-Tem Rob Mayer says he was skeptical about making changes until he went to a meeting with constituents that Parson held in December and listened to Parsons carefully outline needed changes. Mayer says he became a convert.

As for those who want a “hands off” approach to the dog breeders law, Mayer says there’s always a remedy available. Most sitting lawmakers need voter approval for another term.