The State Auditor’s Office has organized a rapid response team to launch some audits, and is also working to start enforcing audits after they’re done.

State Auditor Tom Schweich says his rapid response team — led by Former Greene County Prosecutor Darrell Moore — will jump to action when possible fraud, violations of the law, or a loss of confidence in the government is brought to his attention.

He says too often, audits are compromised because people destroy documents and evidence. His rapid response team would prevent that from happening.

Schweich also wants to make sure state audits are more than just suggestions. He says an accountability program will add weight to state audits.

He says his office does have the authority to enforce audits, and that’s what he intends to do.

Schweich says timelines will be set for agencies to implement recommendations from the state reviews. His office will also track government agencies as they correct problems found in audits — those reports will be posted online.

State Auditor Tom Schweich says when he was campaigning for office, Missourians said things weren’t happening quickly enough in the auditing process. He wants those same people to tell him when they suspect things aren’t right in government agencies. He might also rely on tips from investigative reporting fleshed out by the press. A hotline will be available for anyone with concerns to phone in allegations. Any that are credible, he says, will be followed up on within 24 hours. VIDEO of announcement – click to watch.

Schweich has hired on former Greene County Prosecutor Darrell Moore to head up both programs [View VIDEO] as well as lead the auditor’s office as chief litigation counsel.