St. Louis Cardinals Albert Pujols tips his helmet after hitting a three-run home run in the third inning against the Houston Astros at Busch Stadium in St. Louis on April 12, 2010. UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Cardinals first basemen Albert Pujols arrived in Jupiter, FL early this morning for his first day of Spring Training saying he was excited to get the season started. He also said he hold no grudges against the organization.

“It’s part of negotiations with the Cardinals,” Pujols said. “I have so much respect for this organization. They gave me the opportunity to play 11 years ago. No matter what went down yesterday because of the deadline, it doesn’t mean I don’t want to be a Cardinal.”

Yesterday during their press conference, team president Bill DeWitt and general manager John Mozeliak said they would honor Pujols’ deadline, but would be willing to talk during the season if Pujols’ agent, Dan Lozano, approached them first. However, that seems highly unlikely that will happen.

Highlights of Albert Pujols’ arrival in Florida

“I’m not disappointed, man. It’s negotiations and it happens,” Pujols said. “Two sides didn’t get together on an agreement. That’s the way it goes. You can’t get disappointed. You know why? Because I still have another chance after the season and maybe we’ll get something done then.”

Pujols also said he can’t worry about how fans may think negatively of the whole situation. “If that’s the way they want to take it, they can take it,” Pujols said. “I can’t judge what people think. All I can do is get ready for baseball and that’s it.”