Another bill has been crafted attempting to thwart Proposition B, a voter-approved law that places restrictions on dog breeding facilities. Rep. Jason Smith (R-Salem) tells the House Rural Community Development Committee that his joint resolution would amend the constitution to protect Missouri farmers.  

Smith says it would prevent outside groups from coming in and telling Missouri farmers what to do with their farms. He’s referring to The Humane Society of the United States, which was integral in pushing Prop B to passage last November.

Several individuals and groups were at the hearing to oppose the legislation, as well as support it. One group testifying against the measure says it fears it would even make cock-fighting legal again in Missouri.

FREEDOM IN AGRICULTURE ACT (0678L.01I) Proposes a constitutional amendment establishing the Freedom in Agriculture Act which guarantees the right of Missourians to grow crops, hunt and fish wildlife, and raise animals in a humane manner.