State lawmakers looking for ways to save millions of dollars hear that a four-day work week for many state employees could be an answer. Senators soliciting ideas for ways to cut operations costs of state government have gotten several suggestions that many offices do not need to be open Monday through Friday, 8 to 5. It wouldn’t work for all agencies and services. Some have to be in operation every hour of every day.

Senator Ryan McKenna of Crystal City has been watching Utah’s experiment with a four-day week.

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He says a switch to a four-day week would be complicated because of the variety of services and programs the state has. If nothing else, he says, it would save the state a lot in energy costs.

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Another senator, Brad Lager of Maryville thinks technology is one of the keys–using technology to let a lot of citizens do things online or after hours that they now have to go to a government office to do. He says the state needs to seriously address the increased use of technology.

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Nothing specific is moving in the legislature yet.