A blizzard cut a swath through mid-Missouri and has cut short the work of the Missouri House. The session is over for the week, though the state representatives might be stuck in Jefferson City for a while.

House Speaker Steven Tilley (R-Perryville) gave it a try, holding sessions Monday and Tuesday, and then the snowstorm hit.

“You know, we had a pretty successful Monday and Tuesday and it was just a decision that the Majority Leader and I decided that it was just getting worse and we didn’t want anybody else to have to drive in,” Tilley says.

Most members of the House made it to Jefferson City. They even approved two bills. HB 73 requires those suspected of drug use to pass a drug test to receive temporary public assistance. HB 163 will make Missouri eligible for newly approved federal unemployment compensation.

Tilley says the decision to end the week was made so staff members don’t have to make the trip to the Capitol. As for the lawmakers, Tilley says they have work they can do even though no official business will be transacted the rest of the week.

“So, as soon as the roads get cleared up, I would assume most members would go home,” Tilley says. “I would bet that probably isn’t until Thursday.”

Technical sessions will be held today and tomorrow so Tilley can assign bills to committee. Session resumes Monday afternoon.

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