The National Weather Service in Kansas City says the severe winter storm is starting to gain momentum. Some areas of the state might see as little as six inches of snow, others as much as two feet.

A four-wheel drive truck struggles to navigate this neighborhood street in Ashland, a small town in Central Missouri. Visability has decreased dramatically.

Meteorologist Andy Bailey says the heaviest band goes from the Southwest Part of Missouri up to the Northeast, with Central Missouri likely to be hardest hit.

The high winds have started blowing meaning visability has dropped to less than a quarter of a mile, making travel perilous for motorists and making it difficult for road crews to keep blowing snow cleared from the roads.

The winds are expected to keep blowing from 30 to 40 miles per hour through Wednesday, when the temperature is expected to drop to near or below zero. Wind chills will drop that down to “well below zero,” the National Weather Service reports.

To view warnings, forecasts and conditions in your area, follow the links below:

St. Louis National Weather Service


Kansas City / Pleasant Hill

To keep safe, NOAA asks that residents consider doing the following before driving in winter weather conditions, especially when warnings or watches have been issued.

– Keep the gas tank full to keep the fuel line from freezing.

– Let someone know your destination, route, and when you expect to arrive.

– Keep a cell phone or other emergency communication device with you.

– Pack your car with thermal blankets, extra winter clothes, basic tool kit, (including a good knife and jumper cables), an ice scraper and shovel, flashlights or battery-powered lanterns with extra batteries, and high calorie, nonperishable food, and water.

– Use sand or kitty litter under your tires for extra traction, especially if you find yourself stuck in a slippery spot.