The senate is expected to advance a ban on texting while driving–for everybody–today. 

The state law now allows drivers 22 and older to text while they drive.  But Senator Ryan McKenna’s bill makes it illegal for anybody to be typing while driving.

The senate has passed his bill twice before but the house has always added killing or troubling amendments or troublesome amendments to it. The House is responsible for the part of the bill that says people 22 and older can text.

The senate is likely to give the all-ages ban tentative approval today, and send it to the House by the end of the week.

Senate floor leader Tom Dempsey is firmly behind the ban for all ages, saying texting is far worse than talking on the phone while driving.

Dempsey admits he might have to modify his own behavior a little if the bill becomes law.  And he hopes the House doesn’t mess with McKenna’s bill this time, noting the house has a lot of rookie lawmakers who weren’t part of the previous efforts that limited or killed the bill.

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