A plan that would Missourians vote without lying is back before the legisalture….and its outlook does not appear top be much better than it has been for the last five years.

St. Louis Senator Tim Green is picking up the bill this year that allows people to cast absentee ballots anytime during the three weeks before election day—and not have to lie about why they can’t vote at the regular time. “It’s time we stopped forcing people to lie when they go vote,” he says.

But county clerks worry that the state won’t pay the additional costs of early voting; that there’s uncertainty whether the bill will reduce the paperwork that goes with regular absentee balloting. Clerks association board member Daryl Kempf of Boonville even worries about several issues, icnluding parking. He says people won’t be able to find a place to park at the courthouse on courst days.

Green’s bill is before a senate committee. but the committee seems more focused on bills requiring voter photo-ID cards.

Green argues for his bill. 1:19 mp3

Kempf argues against bill 10:41 mp3