MODOT says road crews have been at work since the snow started falling Wednesday

Snow totals from the storm that came through Missouri exceeded the predictions of many meteorologists, dumping as much as a foot of snow in some areas of the state.

A spokeswoman with the Department of Transportation says St. Louis got the worst of it, with a foot in some areas. She says southern Missouri got more meager snow totals, between two and three inches. Mid-Missouri got anywhere between 7-10 inches.

The Highway Patrol says there have been a number of slide-offs and minor accidents across the state caused by the snow. Lt. John Hotz says there was also a fatality since the snow started, but it’s not clear yet if the accident was weather-related.  

MODOT and the Highway Patrol are asking Missourians to stay home unless it’s absolutely necessary for them to be out on the roads. Most of the roads are still covered or partially covered as of mid-day Thursday. MODOT recommends you check their Traveler Information Map before driving.