The Republican Response to Governor Nixon’s State of the State Address blasts the Governor for being all talk and no action. Lt. Governor Peter Kinder wants to know where the jobs are that Nixon keeps talking about.

Nixon is good at attending ribbon cuttings and traveling the state, Kinder says, but hasn’t rolled up his sleeves and gotten to work for Missourians. Kinder says Nixon’s State of the State Address was full of hopeful rhetoric about leading this nation to recovery… just as he did last year. But, he says, it’s one year later, and here we are and little has been done.

Kinder says Missouri’s unemployment rate is higher than the national average, too many Missourians can’t find work and the state is facing another round of budget cuts and reductions in basic services.

Kinder also alleges Nixon isn’t listening to Missourians, and faults him for not speaking out to Congress against the federal healthcare overhaul. He quotes Nixon saying “I’m not a lobbyist for the state of Missouri.” But Kinder disagrees, saying he should be a lobbyist, and advocate, for Missourians.

He says while the Governor has enjoyed prime seats at sporting events, attending ribbon cuttings throughout the state and taking the state plane on the taxpayer’s dime, Republicans have been rolling up their sleeves and getting to work.

Kinder is a likely Republican candidate to run against Nixon in the next gubernatorial election.

AUDIO: Jessica Machetta reports [Mp3, 1:10 min.]

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