Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa, who is coming back for his 16th season with the team made a stop in Jefferson City, following the Winter Warm Up in St. Louis to talk to the local Rotary Club at their monthly luncheon.

Tony LaRussa at the Jefferson City Rotary Club luncheon

LaRussa touched on a few subjects of interest, but spent the bulk of his time taking questions from the audience. LaRussa talked about how he got started in managing and the struggles and ups and downs of last season. LaRussa also talked about what he admitted was the soap opera every off-season with his decision on managing every year.

LaRussa explained his process and insists he’s not trying create a scene every year. He said he waits for the owners to offer him a job every off season. Then he talks with the players to make sure they are on the same page. If the owners want him and the players want him, then LaRussa said the final answer to the question is “Do I still have the fire to manage another year?”

LaRussa says he is still excited and can’t wait for another year. Why did he take the job again? He said he’s selfish, having the best job in baseball with the Cardinals. I’m sure it also doesn’t hurt that he’s just 125 wins from tying John McGraw for second on the all-time managerial list.