It’s the Senate’s turn today to urge the Attorney General to do something he has shown no inclination to do—get into the lawsuits challenging the federal healthcare overhaul law. 

The resolution sponsored by Sen. Jane Cunningham is expected to pass easily in the Republican-dominated senate, telling Democrat Attorney General Chris Koster is sure would be nice if he would join Lieutenant Governor Kinder’s challenge to the law or join about 20 other attorneys general in their challenges. 

Koster has not responded to less official, but no more binding suggestions..

Senate floor leader Tom Dempsey of St. Charles supports the resolution, which was approved by a committee despite about 50 people urging the committee to kill the bill.  

Missourians voted about three-to-one last August to claim the state could exempt itself from the insurance purchase mandate in the law.  Many leagal experts say that was a symbolic gesture because federal law has been held to trump state law.

The House approved its own version of the resolution last week.  The resolutions carry no weight of law.

 Hear Dempsey talk about the resolution 2:59 mp3