Governor Nixon lays out his agenda this week during the State of the State address to a joint session of the General Assembly Wednesday evening.

House Speaker Steven Tilley, a Republican from Perryville, says what he wants to see Nixon demonstrate is leadership. Tilley has been critical of the budgets submitted by the governor in the past, charging that they have been built on false expectations. Tilley says he wants Nixon, a Democrat, to present lawmakers a balanced budget and join with him on his Show Me Initiatives.

“You know, our agenda is to promote health care issues, to promote government accountability, to create jobs, to live within our means,” Tilley tells reporters. “I hope he joins our call.”

Tilley hasn’t enjoyed a close relationship with Governor Nixon, but says he recently met with him and his staff.

“Well, the leadership team; myself, the Majority Leader, the Pro Tem had a real good meeting with the governor and his staff,” Tilley said. “Had a very good, cordial discussion, but he really didn’t lay out his agenda. I suspect he will very soon.”

That will come Wednesday evening, during Nixon’s address to the legislature. During the State of the State address, the governor unveils his budget for the coming fiscal year and outlines his priorities for the legislative session.

Tilley has outlined a set of priorities for the House, which he calls the Show Me Solutions Initiative. During his speech to open the legislation session, Tilley outlined its five priorities: no new taxes, job creation, accountability, education and a free market approach to health care.

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