Cpl. Jay A. Parsley

The Highway Patrol says they’ve lost Cpl. Jay Parsley, a 16-year veteran of the force. One of his fellow troopers says he died from complications of a routine tonsillectomy surgery. The Patrol will only confirm the death happened while he was off-duty. The trooper says Parsley, who was stationed in Troop E in Southeast Missouri, was in his late 30’s and had a wife and two children.

Parsley was featured in the “spotlight” section of the ‘Patrol News’ in June of 2009. Here is what the article said about him:

Appointed: July 1, 1994.

First Assignment: Troop E, Zone 4, Carter and Reynolds Counties.

Promotions/Reclassifications: Corporal — September 1, 1999.

Current Assignment: Assistant Zone Supervisor, Troop E, Zone 11, Stoddard County.

Family: Married to Marcy on November 4, 1995. They have two children: Emma, 10, and Tommy, 7.

Interests: Jay enjoys rabbit hunting, deer hunting, and fishing. He enjoys playing basketball in the local gym where he attended high school with old school mates and friends.

Jay was born in Granite City, IL, and grew up in Puxico, MO. In 1989, he graduated from high school in Puxico, MO. After graduation, he attended Three Rivers College in Poplar Bluff, MO. He was attending Southeast Missouri State University when he was accepted into the Patrol’s Academy. Jay worked at WW Wood Products in Dudley, MO, for 18 months prior to coming on the Patrol.

Jay enjoys spending time with his family, and attending his children’s sporting events. He is a deacon at the Duck Creek Missionary Baptist Church near Puxico.

Jay has worked in Troop E since May 1998 and enjoys being able work in the area in which he grew up.