A state senator who has seen protestors at military funeral in his district thinks the state needs to try again to limit those activities by those he calls “nuts from Kansas.” .

Senator Kevin Engler of Farmington says his proposal is a work in progress.  He says the final version has to respect protestors’ freedom of speech, but has to restrict what he calls “craziness.”

He fears violence someday unless there are some controls placed on the protests.

Engler says laws in other states are being studied to find a final bill that will withstand constitutional challenges.

Missouri’s previous law has been declared unconstitutional.  Counties have tried to enact their own ordinances and have been threatened with lawsuits if they retain them. Engler says counties cannot afford to defend themselves against those suits, so the state has to take the lead.

Listen as Engler talks to reporters about his bill 6:10 mp3