The National Weather Service expects the entire state of Missouri to get between two and six inches of snow from the storm passing through the state today. Meteorologist Mark Britt with the weather service in St. Louis says snow started early this morning.

“So far we’ve already seen snow over much of western Missouri. Several locations around Kansas City, St. Joseph and those areas have seen anywhere from two to five inches from this storm system. It’s actually just begun to snow in Springfield and what we’re expecting is the snow to slowly spread eastward during the day today,” Britt said at midday Monday.

Britt says the snow will probably stop Monday afternoon in the western part of the state, and last until early Tuesday morning in the eastern part. He says the northern part of the state will likely see snow totals between four and six inches, and the southern part will likely get closer to the two inch total.

Britt also says winds of 10-20 miles an hour will follow the storms, so drivers may see some snow drifting, especially in rural areas. He also says temperatures are expected to be below freezing throughout the state until Thursday or Friday, so there won’t be much of a chance for the snow to melt before the end of the week.