Former state Republican leader Ann Wagner faces the other four contenders for national party leadership. Wagner headed the state Republican Committee when Republicans took control of the legislature, was state chairman for the Bush-Quayle campaign in 1992, was once co-chairman of the Republican National Committee, and was Ambassador to Luxembourg during the most recent Bush administration. She’s one of four people who say the party chairmanship of Michael Steele has left the national committee broken. She says it’s time some tough love and for getting major donors back in the tent.

Wagner says Republicans in Congress have to address major spending problems or the voters will dessert them in 20-12.  She says voter turnout efforts must be strengthened, anti-voter fraud efforts need to be stepped up and the party has to get back to traditional values.

The party chairman’s election is January 14th. The winner has to get support from 85 of 168 committee members. 

You can see the entire debate here: