It became official over the weekend that Chiefs offensive coordinator Charlie Weis is heading to Florida to become the Gators’ offensive coordinator under head coach Will Muschamp.  Weis said after the game on Sunday that this would not be a distraction for the Chiefs despite the team not playing well in the season finale against Oakland.

Weis said he’s leaving to join up with Muschamp who is a friend and his son will also be attending Florida in the fall, so two reasons for him to make the move.  Many of the writers and sports broadcasters in Kansas City are trying to paint this scenario where Weis and Haley may not have gotten along.

Egos could have come into play and if that’s the case, is it Haley’s ego getting in the way.  Or is this a simple case of Weis was without a job, Scott Pioli and/or Haley offered the job as a short term solution for Weis until he got his feet under him somewhere else, knowing full well Weis would move onto to the next best situation for him?