More than 1200 Missourians are missing.  Some have been missing for a long, long time. 

Have you seen—are are you—Tammie Wilkinson, who lived in Kansas City until going missing in 1984?  You were 19 then.  If you’re still alive, you turned 45 last May 9th.  

Annette Thompson, formerly of Galena—are you out there somewhere?   Or does somebody know what happened to you on November 11, 1977?   Somebody probably would like to send you a card on your 90th birthday next April.

Highway Patrol corporal Erik Eidson supervises the two-person unit that records ten to 13-thousand reports of missing persons every year. Most of those reported missing turn up okay   Out of all those missing persons reported, we go into this day with only about 520 active missing cases on the list for 2010 and with only about 1200 cases considered still open since the Highway Patrol started keeping records of missing persons in 1953.

Eidson says it’s hard to say how many of those “open” cases are still active. He can’t tell how hard anybody is looking for somebody who disappeared in the 60s, for example.

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