The organization that led the effort to get voter approval of the puppy mill proposition in November is launching a billboard campaign to fight off changes to it. Missourians for the Protection of Dogs has put up three billboards near Jefferson City and hopes to have three more up by the end of the year.

They’re intended to remind state lawmakers that voters approved Proposition B, and urging legislators not to change what voters have approved. The billboards ask lawmakers, “Missouri voters have spoken. Will you listen?”

The legislature has a proposal to consider next year that would  rewrite the proposition. But Campaign director Barbara Schmitz says Proposition B is carved in stone as far as she’s concerned. She says opponents of Proposition B failed to make their case well enough in November to prevail, so they should leave the voters’ decision alone.

She claims the proposition passed in 18 of 34 senatorial districts and a majority of House districts.  Opponents says the more important numbers are that it failed in 105 of the state’s 116 voting areas.  Schmitz says votes are equal wherever they are cast; the majority approved the proposition–and lawmakers should not reverse the majority.

AUDIO: Barbara Schmitz interview (13 min)