About the time Governor Nixon was calling off his trade mission to Taiwan and China, some corn growers were going ahead with theirs.. And their “Corn Diplomacy” might pave the way for more corn and corn products from Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana to be sold to Taiwan, China, and Japan.  Missouri Corn Growers President Kenny McNamar of Gorin is back from 13 days in the three country and more than 35 meetings. 

He says the delegation did sense some tension between China and Taiwan—but not the kind of tensions that delayed the Governor’s trip to discuss Missouri of farm and other products.

He says one mission was to patch up some relationships.  He says questions about the quality of the 2009 crop has cost Missouri some business in Taiwan but he thinks that can be patched up…

McNamar says there’s great demand for the byproducts of ethanol production, especially with China’s desire to expand its livestock production and the use of the byproducts for animal feed. McNamar thinks China has great potential for use of Missouri corn products.

 McNamar & Priddy talk corn 20:53 mp3