Bill Pollock (l) and John Rooney (r)

I was sitting at my desk one morning last week when I heard a voice I recognized right away, but when I turned around, I was surprised to see John Rooney, the voice of the St. Louis Cardinals’ radio broadcasts standing behind me. Why was he in Jefferson City at 7:30 in the morning?

After we were introduced, I immediately jumped in for the kill, saying, “Hey John, I understand your time may be limited, but I would regret not having the opportunity to sit down with you for a quick podcast.”

He was more than willing. He went around and saw the current digs of the Missourinet and Learfield Communications and reminisced about how things had changed from when he was first the sports director of the Missourinet. So, what I thought would be a quick 15-20 interview turned into a nice hour and a half conversation.

Pressbox Podcast Part One with John Rooney

It was more of a gab fest bouncing around from topic to topic, talking Cardinals baseball, working at the Missourinet, calling basketball games, sharing a story about Bobby Knight, etc. It just went on and on and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I’ve broken down our visit into two parts. So, enjoy part one this week. My visit with John Rooney.