Thousands of people have jobs for the holiday season The state labor department wants to make sure they’re properly paid and are working in the proper jobs.

They might be part-timers, seasonal workers, hired just for the holiday season. But state law says they’ll be paid at least the minimum wage of 7-25 an hour, with time and a half for more than 40 hours a week. 

State law also limits the kinds of jobs employees younger than 16 can have and the hours they work.

The jobs are not likely to include fringe benefits, namely insurance. 

Assistant Director Jim Boeckman with the wage and hour section of the state labor department says some workers opt for non-cash payment, trading their work for merchandise, for example.  As long as the fair market value of the merchandise is the equivalent of 7-25 an hour, that’s okay. 

But payment in goods and services does not relieve either the employer or the employee from withholding tax obligations on either the federal or the state returns they’ll file next year.

Missourians drawing unemployment benefits might see them reduced by the amounts they earn as part-time holiday season employees

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