One of the cliches of politics is that the best compromises leave everybody unhappy. Missouri’s Senators have underlined that idea. .

Both Christoper Bond and Claire McCaskill call the deal cut between President Obama and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell a compromise heading into a week that many members of Congress hopes will be the last one of the year.

Bond admits he is of divided opinion.Bond :18 mp3

“The increase” means the tax increases that go into effect if the Bush-era tax cuts are allowed to expire.Bond :22 mp3

Expiration of the tax cuts doesn’t bother McCaskill as she decides how she’ll vote. McCaskill :21 mp3

She says it’s ironic that Republicans have been “screaming about the deficit, but now when it comes to paying for any of this, no one’s home.”McCaskill :20 mp3

The Senate hopes to take a vote today to end debate and send the bill to the House.