Rep. Sam Graves

Missouri lost a Chairman of a U.S. House Committee when Democrat Ike Skelton lost his re-election bid in November. Now the state picks up a new chairmanship.

Northwest Missouri Congressman Sam Graves has been named the new Chairman of the House Small Business Committee. Graves, a Republican, says he plans to get some work done in the committee quickly next session.

“The first thing we’re going to start out (doing) is taking a look at some of these policies that have come out recently and how they affect small business. The ultimate goal is to get the government out of the way of the job creators out there, and that is small businesses,” Graves said.

Graves thinks the committee will have to help spur action to get changes accomplished.

“Small business has been under attack from this administration for some time. Small businesses have been struggling as it is through this economy and then to be hit on top of that with a tax to pay for this health care bill, and not knowing how much it’s going to cost down the road. Being dictated to on how they’re going to do this or be punished if they don’t participate. That’s just one of the things that the administration has put forward that’s hampered small business and is hurting small business. That’s one of the things we’re going to be taking a look at,” Graves said.

But he also recognizes bipartisanship will be important.

“Obviously, as ranking member, I’ve been in the minority before and I’ve been in the majority. But I am more than willing to work with the other side. I think you get things done by working with the other side and finding common ground,” Graves said.

Graves will take over as chairman when Republicans take control of the House next session. He has been in Congress since 2001.

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