The political split between Missouri’s metro areas and its rural areas has seldom been so clearly played out as in last month’s approval of the puppy mill law.  That split will be demonstrated in next year’s legislative session.

Outstate Missouri’s agriculture areas said “no” to the puppy mill law.  But nine counties–seven urban counties and two in the bootheel–and our two biggest cities said “yes” in a big way and the law was approved.

A proposal by an outstate lawmaker already has been pre-filed for the session to change the law that a majority of Missouri voters adopted just a month ago.   One of those supporting the change will be Senator David Pearce of Warrensburg. .

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Opposing any change is St. Louis Senator Robin Wright-Jones. Dogs are different to city folks than they are to rural folks.  She says, “Our feeling in the cities is that our pets are like family.” 

                                        Wright-Jones :23 mp3

The legislature has changed a voter-decision before. Several years ago it legalized concealed weapons after the city vote defeated it.