New developments in an 18 year old missing persons case. The new Springfield Police Chief says he is considering looking for the bodies of Sheryl Levitt, Suzy Streeter, and Stacy McCall under the parking garage at Cox Hospital South in Springfield.

Investigative journalist Kathee Baird has been following the case and says tips have led her to the building. That was followed by a scan of the floor with ground-penetrating radar

“Ground-penetrating radar cannot tell you that it’s a definite body there. All it can tell you is that there are soil disturbances that are consistent with old graves,” Baird said.

The mother of one of the three missing women in Springfield, Janice McCall, says she does not believe her daughter, Stacy, is buried under the parking garage.  But, she says she wants the area in question to be cored to put rumors to rest.

“There are some vicious rumors out there that make it difficult for the police to do their work. We get all the calls about the rumors. Somehow rumors seem to turn into the truth, I don’t know how that happens; they’re just so sure they know the truth. One of these is Cox parking lot, of course,” McCall said.

Springfield Police Chief Paul Williams says authorities will again review the disappearance of the three women.

“Really all we’re doing is re-convening investigators, the prosecutor, interested folks and taking another look at the case. Looking to see if there’s any new developments, or something we missed. New leads that might be out there that we need to look at,” Williams said.

McCall says she’s had good meetings with Williams.

“The most comforting is that he is still wanting to work on the case. He’s not the type to say, ‘That happened 18 years ago and we’re not going to worry about it now.’ He’s very much interested in solving it. It has never been a cold case, but maybe we’ll have some new insight into it after this,” McCall said.

The three women were last seen on the night June 7th. 1992.

(KTTS contributed to this report)