Governor Nixon’s proposal to require prescriptions for medicines containing pseudoephedrine faces a stiff fight from a national organization representing over-the-counter medications. 

The Governor’s proposal is intended to cut off supplies of pseudoephedrine to meth-makers.  But the Missouri lobbyist for the Consumer Healthcare Products Association says the proposal is just another restriction on consumers who should not have to see a doctor to buy the medication. Mandy Hagan says the present statewide database that records who buys those medications and where will be better for everybody. She says it’s important that the system be given time to work.  But she says electronic tracking systems are effective in other states.    

Several communities and counties have passed prescription ordinances.  Hagan concedes a statewide policy would be better–but she says it’s not the best solution to the problem of cutting off supplies of pseudoephedrine to meth-makers.

 Mandy Hagan talks drugs with BP