The first small step has been taken that could lead to Missouri’s second commercial nuclear plant two a decade or more from now.  The state’s regulated investor-owned electric companies, rural electric cooperatives, and municipal power companies are moving together to get approval of a site for a second reactor at the Callaway nuclear plant.

Board member Don Shaw of Associated Electric Cooperatives says the group is not talking about building a plant–just finding a place to put it. AUDIO

Shaw says the consortium is a unique approach to a long-term improvement in electricity supplies for rural electric co-ops as well as municipal and regulated utilities. AUDIO

This is the first time that rural electric cooperatives, municipal power companies, and investor-owned electric companies are working together on a project.

He says a second nuclear plant is important for long-term energy supplies for RECs and for others.  AUDIO

Governor Nixon says customers of regulated utilities will bear no costs of the site search until one has been made an approved.  The approval of the site might require a change in state law that forbids any rate increases for nuclear plants until they are sited, built, and are online.

Shaw says the announcement of the coalition is the first nudge that starts the ball slowly rolling. AUDIO

Missouri’s only commercial nuclear power plant went on line in Callaway County in 1984.