The final weeks of the 111th Congress begin today with a lot of questions growing out of the mid-term elections. Floor activity resumes after lunch today with important decisions on tax policy including continuing the exemptions on the estate tax, protecting the middle class from tax increases, and possible compromise on the Bush tax cuts. 

Senator McCaskill says compromise on the Bush cuts will add some certainty to the tax code.  She just hopes people will be more willing to compromise in these last week than they were before the elections. But she worries that the campaigns and the elections have reduced the moderate part of the Republican party.

McCaskill worries that some things have been overshadowed by the campaign discussions about the Bush tax cuts–including 300-billion dollars in tax cuts that she says have affected 95 percent of Missouri families.  She says she understands the public frustration about the slow economic recovery. But McCaskill does not think the answer lies in turning back the clock.

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