Buchanan County officials were hoping for a generous spike in sales tax revenues this past summer with the Kansas City Chiefs training camp setting up shop in St. Joseph, but according to the St. Joseph News-Press, the total are some $50,000 below expectations. The sales tax numbers that came out showed revenues at $300,030, well below the $351,459 the county budgeted for.

According to the article, Dr. Patrick McMurry, an economics professor with Missouri Western State University, estimated the new camp would eventually have up to a $1.2 million impact on the community. With an estimated 60,000 visitors, McMurry predicted those visitors shelled out anywhere from over $375,000 to just over $800,000, which in-turn would lead to anywhere from roughly $600,000 to $1.2 million in total economic impact over the long term.

The county did budget a half percent higher in total sales tax revenue for this year and right now, the actual budget is off by about $35,000 of the $5.1 million projected.