MODOT's Traveler Information Map

The Department of Transportation is trying to make its website a one-stop shop for travelers planning their routes. New features will be especially helpful in the winter months.

MODOT’s web manager, Matt Hiebert, says MODOT’s traveler information map online gets more than a million views each year. But he says it’s still likely that many Missourians that could use the information don’t even know about it.

“They have options to look at road conditions that are weather related. They can look at work zones that are current, future work zones, and then incidents like car crashes that are happening on major Missouri routes,” Hiebert said.

He says the map’s new feature is a major one. The map now includes radar information straight from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

“Any time we have any kind of weather conditions, it also has flooding. But with snow season coming up, it should be the first stop, along with your local weather reports and law enforcement reports, to get all your road condition information,” Hiebert said.

Hiebert says all the information on the map is updated almost to-the-minute.

“It helps people know what lies on the road ahead of them before they even leave their home. If they’re traveling for any reason they can get a snapshot of all the road conditions and work zones that will affect their travel from the safety of their own house,” Hiebert said.

Hiebert says they also now have a text-only version that’s available on smart phones. He warns you should only use that if you have a passenger that can check the map, so the driver isn’t distracted.

If you’re planning a multi-state route, the site also now has links to similar maps for all the states bordering Missouri, too.

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