Senator McCaskill says Democrats failed to communicate well with the people and paid the price on Election Day.

McCaskill says Democrats paid the price for a poor economy Election Day.

“We are in the midst of an economy that is extremely painful for many Missouri families and they do not believe that Washington has responded appropriately to that economic crisis,” McCaskill tells the Missourinet. “I understand that. This is a crisis that was 30 years in the making and it’s going to take us longer than 18 months.”

McCaskill says Democrats failed to communicate what they are doing to address the economy: some emergency measures as well as steps to lay a foundation for future economic growth.

While McCaskill says Democrats failed to communicate, we asked whether the party is listening.

“Some are listening,” McCaskill responds. “When I came home and did all those town halls in August of last year a lot of my colleagues said I was crazy. To me, listening to the frustration and anger of Missourians is a very important part of my job.”

McCaskill says she’s frustrated, because Missourians don’t seem to understand that 40% of the economic stimulus package provided them tax cuts, while about a third helped keep the state budget afloat.

The next election cycle, 2012, looms large for Missouri Democrats. The party’s top two elective officials, Governor Nixon and McCaskill, will be on the ballot and now their re-election seems to be more of a challenge now that it did just a year ago. Republicans have already taken out State Auditor Susan Montee. They won’t be satisfied with giving a pass to Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, Treasurer Clint Zweifel and Attorney General Chris Koster, should they choose to seek re-election.

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