One of the victims of a man convicted of three counts of statutory sodomy nine years ago has recanted his testimony in that case and filed a petition seeking that man’s release. 

John C. Duvall, 48, is serving a 45 year sentence in an Oklahoma correctional center for three counts of first-degree statutory sodomy. The crimes are alleged to have happened in the spring of 1999.

One of Duvall’s alleged victims, Kristopher P. Kidd, filed a petition for writ of habeas corpus on Monday morning.  In an affidavit, he says another man sexually assaulted him and threatened to kill Kidd’s family if he told the truth and failed to implicate Duvall. 

Kidd, who was 11 at the time, now says that the man that actually committed those crimes was the father of one of the other alleged victims, and that the incidents occurred at that victim’s house in Cairo. Kidd says he attempted to tell a Monroe County Deputy, a doctor and a child advocate that Duvall was innocent.  He also says at least one document filed in the case was falsified to say Kidd implicated Duvall.  

In the affidavit, Kristopher Kidd, who now lists a Callao address, says he has had “repeated nightmares,” and has “lost sleep,” over John Duvall being in prison for something Kidd now says Duvall “didn’t do,” and over the man he now says did attack him being free.

A hearing date on the petition has not yet been scheduled.

KWIX / KRES contributed to this story.