Look for the legislature to work hard next year to turn Missouri into a right-to-work state. The apparent new leader of the state senate is firmly in that camp. .

Dexter Senator Rob Mayer is the choice of the more conservative members of the senate to become President pro Tem, the top officer of the senate.  The full senate will pick the pro Tem when the legislative session starts in January. 

Mayer says his top priority is legislation creating jobs.  And that means moving to make Missouri a right-to-work state. He says the reason Missouri has lost manufacturing jobs and has lost competitions for new factories is that most surrounding states are right to work states.  Only Illinois and Kentucky are not, he says.

He says Illinois and Kentucky are the only states bordering Missouri that are not right to work states.  Missourians rejected a right to work effort in 1978. Mayer thinks the public attitude has changed since then.

 Rob Mayer news conference 13:48 mp3