Everything is going right for the San Francisco Giants in the World Series up two games to none over Texas, but things may not be going right for Giants outfielder Jose Guillen.

The 34 year old outfielder who was traded from the Royals to the Giants in August, was left off the playoff roster by Giants manager Bruce Bochy because of a neck injury. Now Guillen has again been tied to performance-enhancing drugs. The New York Times reported that Guillen is linked to a federal investigation into shipments human growth hormones, allegedly sent to Guillen’s wife in the Bay Area.

The San Francisco Chronicle first reported in 2007 that Guilled allegedly purchased HGH, steroids and other drugs between 2002 and 2005. You might remember this came out shortly after Guillen signed his three year. $36 million contract with the Royals and was to serve a 15 game suspension.