The political big wigs are getting into this weekend’s big football game. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman are making a small wager on Saturday’s game between the Tigers and Cornhuskers. Nixon is offering up some walnuts and chocolate candy and fishing lures if Nebraska wins, while Heineman will buy Omaha Steaks for Nixon. Nixon tried to make a bet with the Oklahoma Governor, but he turned him down.

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To be more specific, Governor Nixon is offereing “Black and Gold Blend” black walnut and chocolate candy from Hammons Black Walnuts, out of Stockton, Mo., the Black Walnut Capital of the World; An authentic hand-crafted Missouri walnut bowl; and a selection of fishing lures, or jigs, from the Grizzly Jig Company, in Caruthersville. The company recently was given the Director’s Small Business Award at the Governor’s Conference on Economic Development.

For his wager, Gov. Heineman is offering to purchase Omaha Steaks for Gov. Nixon. I think it’s bad karma to be placing bets on middle of the season games…I don’t care how big they are at the time. I sound off about this.

OK, so of the thousands of fans who rushed the field following Missouri’s win over Oklahoma, there were 30 who were arrested for trespassing. The cops randomly plucked 30 students out of the crowd…are you serious?

State Senator Kurt Schaeffer says all of those charges should be dropped and those 30 should be ordered community service so they don’t have a criminal record when they try to go on job interviews.

The ironic part is the university sent out e-mails to students and I think season ticket holders trying to sell a picture of the scene on the field for $290. That since has gone away. Those 30 don’t even need to perform community service, they should get season tickets for next year’s season for being humiliated on a day that should have had everyone celebrating. I’d call an illegal procedure on the cops for this move. These charges need to be dropped.